In a time when the number of bicycle races in Sweden felt limited, Nordic Sports Academy took matters into our own hands. Our vision? To create more racing opportunities for enthusiasts at all levels. Through dedication and passion, we have, against all odds, created a dynamic racing series that has given cyclists what they have longed for: more chances to compete, develop, and share their passion with like-minded individuals.

Success in Recent Weeks
We are particularly proud of the last three weeks, during which we have conducted a total of 12 races. This achievement not only reflects our association’s capacity and commitment but also the significant turnout and enthusiasm from our members and participants. These events have been the culmination of careful planning and collaboration, marking a significant success in our endeavor to revitalize bicycle racing in Sweden.

Our Background and Ambition
From the beginning, our idea was simple yet ambitious: to increase the number of bicycle races available in Sweden. We started with club races to minimize the financial impact and the complexity of the arrangements, which has proven to be an effective model for carrying out planned racing weekends. To date, we look forward to holding a total of 40 races during the year under our own management – a clear sign of our “small association with a big heart.”

Thanks to Our Sponsors and Partners
None of this would have been possible without the support from our generous sponsors and partners. Your contribution has been crucial in making these races a reality. Together, we see a bright future where we can expand our events to national competitions, provided that we continue to receive your support and engage more participants.

Expansion to E-cycling and the Future
In addition to our physical races, we have also organized 5 competitions on E-cycling platforms, which led to a fruitful collaboration with MyWhoosh. With their help, we are now in the process of developing a racing series especially for children and youth, an initiative that opens up for international participation and gives younger cyclists a platform for competition and development.

Become Part of Our Journey
We encourage all interested parties to register their interest. By doing so, you become part of this exciting journey and will be kept updated on our progress and future events. Our series, which begins in October and continues until February, promises racing filled with challenges and passion.

We stand gratefully and humbly in the face of your support and engagement. Every input and feedback is invaluable to us in our effort to develop this series into something even greater. Help us spread the word and become part of our community that shares a passion for cycling.

Thank you for standing with us on this journey. Together, we are making cycling history.

For interest registration and more information, please contact us at info@nsacademy.se

With warmth and enthusiasm,

Sofia Strid
Nordic Sports Academy s.c

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