🚴‍♂️✨ Golden Opportunity: NSA & Mywhoosh Present Pre-Race Prep Before SRC! ✨🚴‍♀️
Are you ready to pedal your way to new heights with us? In a unique partnership with Mywhoosh, we at the Nordic Sports Academy (NSA) are thrilled to invite you to a groundbreaking opportunity: NSA Pre-Race Prep B4 SRC – a sneak peek before the Sunday Race Club that will change the way you compete, and a chance to be part of a community that lifts each other to greater and greater achievements.

🌟 Every week, we offer you the chance: Not only to try out the exact same course used by SRC, with opportunities to refine your tactics and prepare as part of a team, but also to be part of a supportive community. Every week, you’ll find camaraderie, support, and the collective passion for cycling that makes every race not just a competition, but a shared journey towards excellence.

🏁 No Level? No Problem: We welcome everyone from novices to seasoned cyclists! With no dual power requirement, we’ve opened the door for cyclists of all levels to test themselves against ranked riders and experience the thrill of competition. This inclusivity is at the heart of our mission to build a community that supports and encourages each other, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their level, feels empowered to improve and succeed.

💪 More Than Just a Race: Our vision goes beyond the race track. By participating in our Pre-Race Prep, you’re not just building your own skill and fitness; you’re becoming an integral part of a community dedicated to mutual support and continuous improvement. This collective spirit is what we believe will lead to increased participation and success in the SRC events, creating unforgettable moments and achievements together.

🎉 Join Our Community: Let’s fill every qualifying spot and make each race a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and support. Whether you’re stepping onto the SRC course for the first time or you’re a returning competitor, you play a crucial role in this community. Together, we can inspire each other to be even better than yesterday and reach new heights in the world of competitive cycling.

Come and be part of the community and become a Golden Eagles with NSA your self. let’s unite in our pursuit of gold and make our mark on the Mywhoosh platform, not just as competitors, but as a community that champions the spirit of support, improvement, and shared success.

🏆 Let’s go for gold – together! 🏆

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