Welcome to the heart of passion and achievement – Nordic Sports Academy (NSA)!

In a world where limits are constantly being challenged, NSA offers more than just a chance to engage in sports. We offer a journey. A journey towards personal development, the power of community, and achieving the extraordinary. We are not just an association; we are a family driven by passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

Whether you come to us with a dream of standing on the top of the podium, a desire to push your own boundaries, or simply seeking a place where you can be yourself and share your passion with like-minded individuals, you’ve found the right place. At NSA, every member is given the opportunity to grow, not just as an athlete but as a person.

From the champions of tomorrow in cycling to those who find joy in games and community, we welcome everyone. Here, we don’t just create athletes; we inspire, reward hard work, and together, we create unforgettable moments and achievements.

Welcome to NSA – where your journey towards success begins.

Let us together write the next chapter in our story, where every drop of sweat, every smile, and every advancement contributes to the tapestry of success and community we are so proud of. Welcome home.


We want to share some remarkable achievements and progress within our association. It is with pride that we present some of our outstanding members and their cycling journeys:

We look forward to more successes, camaraderie, and passion for cycling and e-sport in the future!


Nordic Sports Academy (NSA) is a dynamic organization rooted in cycling but has since expanded to include e-sports and e-cycling. We take pride in being a community where sports, health, and camaraderie take center stage.

Our History

Originally founded as a dedicated cycling association, NSA quickly realized that our members had a passion for more than just cycling. As a result, we broadened our focus to also encompass e-sports and e-cycling. We are proud to be a platform where both cyclists, e-sports enthusiasts, and e-cyclists can come together and share their experiences.

Our Activities

We offer a wide range of activities for our members:

Cycling: Our cycling sessions are open to all levels, from beginners to experienced riders. We explore beautiful landscapes and challenge ourselves on the road and on platforms with virtual landscapes.

E-Sports: For those who love digital gaming, we have a dedicated e-sports team. We compete in various games and foster an online community.

Fitness and Health: We believe in a holistic approach to health. Therefore, we also provide training sessions and health tips for our members.

Our Community

NSA is more than just an association – we are a community. We support each other, celebrate successes, and learn together. Whether you’re a cyclist, an e-sports enthusiast, an e-cyclist, or simply want to be part of our community, you’re welcome here.