Become a Member

Membership fees for NSA 2024:

  • Member: 200 kronor
  • Supporting member: 100 kronor

Where do I register? The easiest way for you to apply for membership in NSA is to register via this link: Apply for membership.

What do the different membership options mean?

  • MEMBER: All persons who want to participate in our activities such as competition, training or our other events become full members of NSA. Fill in all your personal details when registering, social security number is required. If you apply for membership for your child, choose that option when registering. The child then becomes a member and you are registered as a parent.
  • SUPPORTING MEMBER: If you want to be in NSA but not participate in activities, you can register as a “supporting member”. Then check the box for “supporting member” after you have filled in your personal details. Social security number is required when registering.
  • REGISTERED AS A PARENT: People under 18 must have at least one parent linked to them (preferably more) because we send out invoices via email and then it must go to a legal person. As a parent, you do not need to be a member of NSA. Social security number is not required for you as a parent when registering.

How do I do it? 
When applying, you first choose whether the application applies to yourself or your child. Then you are asked to fill in personal details. We would like you to do this as completely as possible as it is easier for NSA to communicate with you as a member then. As a member of NSA, you need to register with your full social security number, but if you only register as a parent to your child (and do not want to be a member) then social security number does not need to be registered.

In the last step of registration, you choose membership options as described above.

How do I pay? 
Once you have sent your application request, we will process it. After that, a payment invoice for the membership fee will be emailed to the email address you registered on laget.se. A service fee of 19 kr is added to each invoice sent. This is a fee that laget.se adds to the invoice. NSA does not get this money.

Where do I turn with questions? 
Either talk to one of NSA’s club administrators Caroline Josefsson (caroline@nsacademy.se) mob: 076-882 29 47 or Sofia Strid (sofia@nsacademy.se) mob: 070-756 33 87.

Activity fees 
At camp activities or other larger events, an activity fee may be added, to those who wish to participate. The specific activity fee will also come as an invoice via email. The activity fee is in addition to the membership fee in NSA.