The 21st of February we joined and partnered up with one of the leading bike fitter companies in Sweden Pain Free Power.

To celebrate this we hosted a live event at their Studio where you could join and ride with us in the e-cycling world at the same time you got the chance to ask Alex and Ian the founder of the company anything you wanted about bike position and the importance of have the right adjustment on the bike.

It was a great event and the stream we had on our channels Twitch, Youtube and kick was a blast and people had the chance to watch us discuss with Ian everything about bike position and how they started the journey in Sweden from England and how they now have become the leading bike fitter studio in Sweden.

It’s great to partner up with these companies that has the same mentality as us and on site we had Diamond Isac Vidberg and of course Golden Erik Rindborg that represented the e-cycling community and the gaming section. We are glad to have these enthusiasts in our association and together we building something great together.

Golden Eagles for life!

Erik Rindborg

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