NSA Gaming is starting the new year with winning the first game of ESEA League season 48!

After being faced with some communication problems and a very even match against Leviathan on Nuke, NSA Gaming managed to take the victory home with a score of 13-10 rounds.

– If this is how we perform when we are having some difficulties, I really wanna know how well we will perform when we have fallen into the rolls of the team, says the coach Yokio after the match.

He continues to talk about the team and the challenge they are faced with being a relatively new team playing against teams that have played far longer together.-

After the match yesterday he and the team have reviewed the performance and are taking notes on what they have done good and bad.

– It is now up to the guys to take in the information we all have reviewed and take us forward in the season. But we have some strong individuals in the team, and they have good confidence, Yokio ends the call with.

Let’s cheer for the guys in NSA Gaming in their upcoming matches and we will hear from coach Yokio after each and everyone of them.

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